What's included in your membership:


Strategy Sessions​

Starting a new quarter off with a strategy is one of the best decisions that you can make for your business. Therefore, one a quarter (four times a year) we will meet to take a look at your business and determine where you need to focus your efforts. These will be goals that you will start to immediately work on with the support of other moms with the same vision as you. 


Group Coaching Calls​

Being on a group coaching call will serve you in so many ways. You don’t know what you don’t know, but you do know once someone asks a question you didn’t think of.  Therefore, we meet in a digital classroom, where you’re free to ask questions and get answers directly from me (or just hang out and soak up the strategies). It’s perfect whether you’re on the go or right in front of your computer. 

Hot Seat


Hot Seat calls are where we deep dive into your business to work through everything that is keeping you up at night. These calls are recorded and I dig deep into the businesses of your peers and talk them through step-by-step how I would implement a strategy in my business saving me time, money and energy. 

Access To Monetized

Mama Resource Library

Building a business can be a lot of work on the tech side. Ever wonder how to setup your business tools to increase productivity and run your business for you? Inside the library, there are several step-by-step courses being rolled out to teach you how to automate your business to minimize the time it takes to get paid and grow your business.. From setting up Dubsado (Client Management System), Acuity (Online Scheduler), and ClickUp (Project management System) to organizing your Google Drive....we've got you covered.  

120 Hours

Of Help In Your Business

Building a business as a solo entrepreneur is a lot of work, with working on crafting your offer, attracting leads, converting clients and actually delivering your service; there is just so much left to do on a weekly basis and task can easily fall through the cracks. With Virtual Assistants running between $20-50 an hour, the investment adds up quickly. Therefore, inside you recieve access to resources to help you bring a student intern into your business to help with task such as social media marketing, eccommerce, email marketing, SEO, design and so much more at an affordable price. 

Daily Access to Our Private Facebook Group

Imagine having a group full of women supporting you at the tip of your fingertips. It’s possible!

With only paid members able to access our community, we are able to get intimate and share what’s really going on in our businesses to get support, advice, virtual hugs and more. 

Not to mention being able to network with the lovely ladies in our community, you will love spending time here (during your non-work hours because those are reserved for implementing). 



You are the equivalent of the five people you spend most of your time with. here in the lounge, I will be bringing in some amazing friends of mine to share some valuable yet actionable information with you. Get access to these exclusive trainings and all future trainings that will be added to the membership.



Roundtable Masterminds are focused strategy calls where we come together virtually to share strategies on different areas of our businesses such as Facebook marketing, maintaining housework,  attraction marketing, growing a dedicated community, social media strategy and much more. 

Weekly Inbox


Here’s how it works: Once a week, you get an e-mail from me asking what you did the following week. You reply. Then I reply back. Sometimes you’ll get a loving emoji or a thoughtfully chosen GIF, but sometimes I’ll fling a little coaching your way. The most important part is that you reply. Opening and closing the feedback loop like this weekly ensures you get more work done. Plain and simple. 

Pricing Plans

No commission fee or contract. You can cancel anytime.





Quarterly Strategy Sessions

Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls

Hot Seats & Roundtable Masterminds

Exclusive Trainings 

Daily Access to Our Private Facebook Group

Weekly Inbox Accountability




$470/ Annually

Quarterly Strategy Sessions

Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls

Hot Seats & Roundtable Masterminds

Exclusive Trainings 

Daily Access to Our Private Facebook Group

Weekly Inbox Accountability


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